• What is fractional ownership?

    Fractional ownership is a form of collaborative consumption through which the overall property cost is split among a group of owners.

    It is a common investment structure for expensive assets (e.g., boats, aircrafts, sports cars, and vacation properties) through which ownership is generally shared between four and twelve owners. You own a “share” of the property, meaning that you have equity in the property, with the right to sell at any time.

    This keeps costs lower than full ownership and if the asset increases in value, the value of shares in the investment does as well.

  • Is fractional ownership another name for a timeshare?

    No! The fundamental difference between fractional ownership and timeshare ownership is that with fractional owner- ship, the investor owns part of the title rather than just units of time.

    Fractional ownership is a way to share ownership of a luxurious item; you are a part owner of the freehold asset. Con- versely, timeshares are all about ‘time.’ In this process, you have the right to use the property for a short period each year but without ownership in the freehold asset.

  • Why buy a holiday home via fractional ownership rather than buying the whole property?

    The answer boils down to two key factors: service and budget. When a home is exclusively yours, all of the worries associated with the ownership are yours alone. With MIREAL, everything related to property operations (e.g., cleaning, ongoing maintenance, utility and tax payments, etc.) are part of the service.

    Fractional ownership allows you to enjoy the same amount of time you would typically spend in your vacation home, while reducing investment and management costs.

  • How do I invest in a property via MIREAL?

    At MIREAL, you can acquire your dream holiday home for 25% of the total cost. Once you have selected a property in our portfolio, our legal team will take you through the reservation process. Please contact us for more details at info@mireal.co.

  • Locations

    We offer properties only in prime locations in the world. We want the property you invest in to have a better chance of capital appreciation or retaining its value for years to come, in order to make it a safe investment for you.

  • How does MIREAL select properties?

    All properties are fully refurbished and carefully handpicked to meet our clients’ high expectations.

  • Why invest in real estate?

    Investing in prime real estate offers lower risk and provides greater diversification than stocks. There is also the potential for substantial appreciation. Meanwhile, stocks are subject to market, economic, and inflationary risks.

    Real estate is appealing because it is a tangible asset that can be controlled, with the added benefit of diversification. You own something concrete for which they can be accountable.

    Investing in the stock market independently can be unpredictable, and the return on investment is often lower than expected. Moreover, stocks can be extremely volatile.

  • Can weeks not used be rented out?

    This depends on the agreement between property owners (e.g., whether they are willing to rent the property to third parties or whether they prefer to keep it private and only allow sharing with family members).

    If the group decides to rent the property whilst not in use, MIREAL will take care of the rental for which we will charge a fee. The profit will then be shared at the end of the year between all owners based on the allocation of weeks each owner has given up or not used in order to rent the property out.

    The rental market is an attractive option, as one week’s rent can often cover the annual mandatory maintenance fee.

  • Reservations of your weeks

    You are entitled to thirteen weeks per year of private residency. This is calculated as follows:
    52 Weeks Per Year / 4 Owners = 13 Weeks Per Owner, Per Year

    All bookings are executed on first come first served bases; however, to avoid disappointment during the high season (e.g., for the French Riviera July and August), each owner is able to book a maximum of two consecutive weeks during the high season.
    High-season bookings are done on rotational bases, through which each year one owner will have priority booking. The rotation begins with the owner who signed up with MIREAL first. Booking is on an annual basis; every December you will need to book your weeks during the high season up front.

    The rest of your weeks can be booked on an ad hoc basis during the year with a minimum of three days notice.
    Weeks can be exchanged with co-owners or other owners in the MIREAL Private Members Club, used by friends and family, or rented to a third party (if all owners agree).

    Your dedicated relationship manager is available full time to assist with your bookings and any property preparation requirements.

  • Notice time

    If the property is available for the period you would like to book, then we need minimum three days notice to allow us to prepare the property for your stay.

  • Does the property appreciate in value?

    We source our properties only in prime real estate markets around the world where property markets are strong and retain value or offer capital growth. However, as with any investment, one can never have a guarantee that the figure invested will appreciate.