MIREAL was created after Mirka Mikleticova, its founder, realised that many holiday homes on the French Riviera are typically used for, on average, 10% of the year, despite the fact that property owners pay 100% of the price and the maintenance cost.

MIREAL private members club is the optimal solution for property owners who holiday in the same location for less than 90 days per year and appreciate the benefits of owning an asset without singlehandedly covering all costs and expenditures. We are a high-end platform through which you can acquire fractional ownership in fully managed luxury real estate all over the world. Rather than purchasing one luxury property, our members have the ability to buy shares in multiple homes, in different international locations, for the same price of one home.

The key distinction with MIREAL is that you own an asset rather than just time.

The MIREAL collection started in France, and as the portfolio grows, its members have access to properties all over the world. As a member you will be able to exchange your weeks with shareholders of other properties in other parts of the world at no additional cost.

Each property is owned by a maximum of four owners who share the purchase and maintenance costs. You pay a one-time purchase price and then a yearly management fee. Thus, property owners do not have the financial burden of maintaining the property alone, as they simply split the cost with the other owners.

Each owner receives 13 weeks of exclusive residency per year in a property in which they own shares. You invest 25% of the cost and are subsequently able to enjoy the property as if it was 100% yours during the time you spend there.

Each property is professionally managed and maintained throughout the year. Furthermore, it is prepared for your arrival to ensure that you feel as though you are the sole owner.